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HOYT Ultra Rest - Arrow Rest

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4 000 грн.

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HOYT Ultra Rest - Arrow Rest
HOYT Ultra Rest - Arrow RestВ наличии
4 000 грн.
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HOYT Ultra Rest - Arrow Rest

The Hoyt Tec Ultra-Rest is the best solution when it comes to drop-away arrow rests. It is equipped with many features to keep the performance at the highest level. For example: When fully draw length, the VD Technology (Velocity Dropaway Technology) is activated. This means that the support only releases the arrow when it has actually been released. If you don't want to shoot now and relax the bow, the Ultra-Rest remains ready to fire in any case, as it doesn't fold down during this process.  

Available as a right or left-hand model.

Black, Nocko, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple or Red

  • Цена: 4 000 грн.